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for protecting substrates from fire and in aggressive environment

GEOFIP team developed the formula for innovative geopolymer based products for coating, joining, bonding and painting. The main scope of their investigation was the search of proven solutions for protection of cellulose containing, metal and mineral substrates in aggressive environment, which will replace formaldehyde based binders, polyurethane materials, epoxy and alkyd resins.
GEOFIP™ products are fundamentally new composite materials having polymeric structure which contain nothing but mineral components (kaolin, aqueous alkaline solutions of silicate, modifier additives).


GEOFIP™ Products Entering the International Market (EU and CU)

The partnership program were founded and developed. Basing on this program, there were established to companies: GEOFIP NORDICS AB in Sweden and GEOFIP RUS in Belarus, which opened the GEOFIP trade entrance to the market of European Union and Customs Union respectively. GEOFIP™ Products were tested and certified in accordance with EU Regulation and CU requirements.



Export Capability Development

GEOFIP team presented fire protective, chemical resistant, anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial geopolymer compositions on industry exhibitions and scientific conferences. Exclusive properties of GEOFIP™ mixes are appreciated by wood processing enterprises and construction materials manufacturers at global trade stage (Poland, Germany, France).



Plant operating in Svitlovodsk(ISO 9001:2015)

The manufacture of liquid solutions and dry mixes got automated; the production process was adapted to European hardware. The production technology is based on the advanced practice of Ukrainian and foreign researchers, thus the unique properties of geopolymer glues, coatings and paints were reached. The long-term cooperation was agreed and confirmed with Ukrainian raw suppliers; eco-friendly inorganic materials content is more than 95% in GEOFIP™ products. Re-usable packages are used in accordance with international standards.



Laboratory Based Production

GEOFIP™ paints, adhesives and coatings don’t release carcinogenic or toxic substances and provide no long-lasting odour, thus they ensure safety during application and further operating. Due to this specification geomaterial is spreading rapidly among construction materials manufacturers, who produce chipboard, plywood, fibreboard, cement-bonded particleboard, concrete blocks and metal stuff taking care of their employees and consumers. The company extended the audience of geopolymer admirers replacing hazardous organic materials on the shelves of building stores.



GEOFIP Laboratory Establishment

The adhesive and protective characteristics of GEOFIP compositions exceeded the competitor groups’ product specifications; that is why GEOFIP won the public environmentally safe coatings tender. The research team got financial support to establish laboratory with a view to investigate and develop geopolymer based materials.



Geopolymer Modification Development

The protective quality testing for wood and concrete substrates is carried out simultaneously (fire-resistant coating for wooden furniture, adhesive for bonded wood particle board, odourless industrial glue, mix for floor coating, solutions for walls protection against fungi and bacteria). The research team creates the product for manufacturing monolithic concrete structures resistant to factors and causes of corrosion. Product modifications for joining and coating metal substrates are designed (pipeline heat insulation coating, external anti-corrosion coating). The range of geopolymer application is extended due to design of fireproof and heat-resistant paint line, which are non-fading when exposed to sunlight (UV-rays). The trademark name GEOFIP (Ukrainian: ‘геофарби і покриття’; ‘geopaints and coatings’) was selected because the production technology of geopolymers is based on the research regarding natural process of minerals formation deep in the crust.



Study of Geomaterials for Concrete Protection

Complex development of mineral coating composition to protect concrete from sulfate corrosion is supported by Eurobeton-Sich LLC (Czech-German enterprise) based on cement plant in Zaporizhia area. Geopolymer compositions are tested in manufacturing cycle of roofing materials and cement pipes in order to increase their heat-resistance and fireproof indexes. During that period, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of geopolymers provided by Ukrainian researchers are explored.


GEOFIP laboratory foundation was initiated by Ukrainian scientists working at implementing of environmentally safe products into the human life. The protective geopolymer mixes were designed with caring about customers’ health, that’s why they contain no hazardous substances (epoxy resin, formaldehyde or polyurethane), radioactive elements, and don’t provide long-term odour. Only the mineral component supplied by the proven national manufacturers are used for production of GEOFIP™ compositions.


Environment Security

The material glued or coated with GEOFIP products are safe to human health and environment during the whole exploitation term. It may be disposed as eco-friendly construction waste after the expiration date has passed; may be recycled and reused as mineral fillers.

Exclusive Properties

GEOFIP product line consists of interior and exterior solutions for painting, coating and bonding cellulose, metal and mineral substrates. Geopolymers create brand-new space for engineers’ imagination to design durable monolithic constructions using no nails.

Economic Feasibility

GEOFIP LLC optimized the production process and manufacture geopolymer compositions using mineral raw materials extracted in Ukraine. That is why protective GEOFIP™ coatings, paints and glues have competitive price and ensure economic advantages for users without loss of quality.

GEOFIP shows true care in times of hardship!