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LIGNA is the world’s leading fair which traditionally takes place in Hannover and prescribes trends for the forest and wood industry. In 2019, Deutsche Messe, LIGNA’s organizer, assembled the representatives of more than 100 countries at the unique event; the fourteen exhibition halls occupied an area of 120,000 m². 1,500 participants from 50 states were exhibiting their band-new timber products and solutions for smart woodworking within five days (May, 27-31), and more than 90,000 visitors were able to estimate the offers, to search for partnership and to get inspired by the creative ideas.

At our GEOFIP: GEOPOLYMER booth, the innovative mineral materials for coating and bonding wood products, characterizing by outstanding protective properties, were represented.

The guests were involved into the interactive lecture devoted to geopolymers’ bonding ability to wood substrates, as also to future prospects for coatings and adhesives manufacture in the context of Industry 4.0. Our technologists shared their experience in regard to achieving high adhesion of geopolymer based mixes either to mineral substrates (like clay brick, cement, metal, foamed concrete block), or to substrates of non-organic origin (like timber products). The wear-resistant properties of the paints were demonstrated by means of cutting and abrasive hand-tools. Our team responded to the visitors’ issues relating to application and exploitation conditions after the brief lecture.

The attendants stated the unique properties of GEOFIP-FD3 chemical resistant paint, which is appropriate for protection of wood beams, supporting structures and furniture at water treatment facilities and chemical plants, as also GEOFIP-FD7 paint creating anti-graffiti coating on the surface of wood objects placed at public areas.

Fire spread is one of the main risk factors for woodworking facilities. That is why GEOFIP-FD5 intumescent coating for wood products was highly appreciated by experts. In case of fire, coatings and glues based on geopolymers don’t ignite and evaporate no toxic fumes as opposed to typical organic solutions.

Furthermore, GEOFIP team displayed the samples of heat insulation materials produced using geopolymer adhesives: GEOFIP-PLAST (mineral slab made of swelled granules of geopolymer binder) and GEOFIP-PLIT (cellular lightweight slab made of reed, bamboo or canvas).

The wood boards bonded with GEOFIP-KD3 adhesive are safe to human and environment, thus contain no toxic or radioactive matters. Geopolymer capsule preserve the wood particles of chipboard, fiberboard, plywood or OSB from ignition and detrimental effect of humidity, fungi and moulds. GEOFIP-FD. paint range is characterized by the similar qualities.

The visitors could test the durability of glued joining, quality of protective coating and heat resistant ability of insulation materials based on geopolymer binder, as to make sure about value for money, because of the maximum products’ efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase.

The conclusion regarding the exhibition results could be made due to the numerals as follows:
  • 7 GEOFIP™ innovative geopolemer based products for timber were exhibited at GEOFIP: GEOPOLYMER stand;
  • 12 hours during five exhibition days were devoted to workshops accessible to everyone interested. Our technologists were reporting about the geopolymer production and chemical specifications of mineral materials at nanolevel, explaining the nature of the unique protective properties of GEOFIP™ products;
  • 40 countries were represented by the guests who visited GEOFIP: GEOPOLYMER stand;
  • 100 samples of geopolymer products were provided to our guests to be tried at their own production facilities and tested in specialized laboratories on the basis of scientific institutions;
  • 200 companies located on five continents are keeping in touch with GEOFIP researchers, considering the exclusive distributor’s conditions, and has already purchased the pilot batch of adhesives as a result of our participation in LIGNA 2019.

LIGNA 2019 trade fair proved that our team selected the true way for development – the way to future without hazardous adhesive and coatings. We would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation to our guests who chose our stand among great plenty of exponents. Your time devoted to exploring geopolymers is highly appreciated, as also your feedback, we received during the event and are receiving now. Your commentaries and notifications help as to recognize the prospective for our technology development, and to define the relevant objectives. We promise to astonish the world of woodworking industry the following year.

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