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Kyoto Imperial Palace

The Kyoto Imperial Palace was built in 794 to become a residence of the Emperors of Japan. The attraction was damaged by fire multiple times, because the buildings included to the palace complex were traditionally made of wood. At least 8 times the Imperial Palace was burnt to the ground, six fires of them happened during the peacetime – 250 years of the Edo period.

Each succeeding reconstruction brought changes to the sight’s appearance, adding features of the current architectural trends. After the terrific destruction in 1854, the Palace was rebuilt in a year, and the strict fire safety measures were followed. Therefore, today the visitors may enjoy the charming combination of a few Japanese historic periods in architecture style of the Kyoto Palace.

GEOFIP team is going to enable our descendants to touch the “alive” history developing the coatings range for wood structures protection against flame, extreme temperatures, mechanical damage and climate conditions.