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Leaning Tower of Pisa that Does Not Fall

The Tower of Pisa’s construction project was launched in ХІІ century, and lasted 200 years. The tilt on the tower’s north side began when the first storeys had erected, because the architects had not taken into consideration the soft soil structure under foundation. They tried to restore equilibrium sequentially increasing the height of the columns ranged around each further storey. Nevertheless, the building was still falling.

In 1993, the tilt reached the critical value. The Bell Tower opened its door to the visitors only in 2001, when the hard soil layer was replaced millimetre-by-millimetre, and the tower straightened by 41 centimetres. Today the researchers issued that the Tower doesn’t fall, it’s straightening.

GEOFIP team takes care about architectural heritage, therefore offers the effective solutions to renovate and protect the foundations from corrosion caused by ground water, fungi, mould and other detrimental factors.