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  • Unique Anti-Corrosion Coating Range

    GEOFIP extends operating term of ship hulls and machinery, chemical process equipment and water treatment systems protecting metal and concrete stuff in aggressive environment.

  • Key to Long-Term Fire Safety

    GEOFIP coating systems prevent inflammation and destruction of the substrates under high temperature conditions (up to 1,200 оС).

  • Solution to Improve Highway Quality

    Due to GEOFIP’s weather and abrasion resistance properties, bridges and roads maintenance becomes more effective.

  • Sustainable Business Development

    Geopolymer paints, adhesives and coatings ensure threefold reduction of the company’s expenses for fireproof and rust protective solutions as research shows.

  • Safe Paint for Your Home

    GEOFIP product range protects walls, foundation, furniture and utility systems of your house emitting no toxic substances, formaldehyde or other carcinogens.



Production of GEOFIP™ geopolymer solutions imitates naturally-occurring formation of minerals in the Earth’s crust. Innovative technology of manufacturing provides unique characteristics of geopolymers: safety and harmlessness to human health, increased durability, resistance to aggressive environment impact, temperature change, adverse weather conditions, acid vapours and radiation.

Geopolymers ensures environmental stability, inasmuch as they contain only the non-organic components and are free from synthetic additives. There are no specific requirements for GEOFIP products’ disposal when their shelf life or operating term is over. They can be recycled and applied as construction filler.

Geopolymer products transformed the traditional approach to paint, coating and adhesive production, leading new technological trend to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Wear resistant product range for coating and joining timber aimed to protect cellulose-containing materials from detrimental impact of moulds, fungi and bacteria.


Vapour-permeable products focused on mineral structures protection from weather, chemical substances and biological risks during long-term exploitation.


Fireproof paints, heat resistant and rust protective coatings preventing corrosion of metal substrates in aggressive environment (sea water, acids, vapours).

Geofip protects from chemical corrosion

GEOFIP team designed the unique product range aiming to prevent acid corrosion and detrimental effect of salt solutions (up to 7 pH).

GEOFIP™ chemical resistant coatings are provided to protect metal and mineral structures which are operating in aggressive environment or under condition of turbulent flow of liquids in sewage and drainage systems, or in water treatment facilities and other industrial enterprises.


Barrier Coating for Metal Protection for Metal Protection

Interesting facts

GEOFIP team prepared some interesting facts about foundation and ruination of cultural heritage monuments. The story could unfold differently in case that modern geopolymer based adhesive solutions, paints and coatings were implemented to their reparation.

Perhaps, “Old Saint-Paul” could welcome tourists nowadays, if fire resistant coating was applied to its wooden roof in time. And, perhaps, the citizens of blue Chefchaouen would not be used to repaint the walls few times per year if they had been offered to apply geopolymer paints resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Who knows?

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